Prenatal Adjustments

Along with the many beautiful experiences that come with pregnancy, unfortunately some women experience severe back pain along with other types of discomfort. Most commonly, pregnant women complain of low back and or sciatic type sypmtoms.  Luckily for these women, this pain can be eliminated or minimized by gentle chiropractic  adjustments. There are two causes of low back pain in pregnant women.  The first cause of low back pain in pregnant women is a hormone called relaxin. Relaxin is a hormone that helps the ligaments in the low back and pelvis relax during the durration of pregnancy. Since the ligaments are in a relaxed state, it allows the bones of the pelvis and spine to easily move out of alignment.  This commonly results in the pinching of very sensitive nerves.  

The second cause of low back pain in pregnant women is the change of pressure on the spine due to a shift of the center of gravity of the body.  As the baby grows in the mothers womb, it causes her center of gravity to move forward.  This change in the center of gravity places more pressure on the bones of the low back, therefore creating more pressure on the neves of the lower back.  Once again, gentle chiropractic adjustments can relieve the discomfort associated with the this change in the center of gravity in pregnant women. 

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