Pediatric Adjustments

"What? Children need to be evaluated and adjusted?"

 The answer is YES!

 Think of all the trauma that a child lives through in their first two years of life.  This trauma begins during the birthing process and continues throughout the early childhood years especially while learning to walk.  After the age of two, this trauma continues with running full speed into furniture, falling asleep in awkward positions, and jumping and stumbling.  As children continue to grow their interest often times turns to sports and rough housing with siblings. In many patients, the problems he or she are experiencing in early adulthood can often be traced back to a form of trauma they suffered in their childhood.  Every child does not necessarily need care, but all children should be assessed for misalignments in the spine.

Here is a list of several conditions that chiropractic care can assist with, along with links to research and studies.

Acid reflux


Autism/ Behavioral and Learning disorders

Bed wetting

Breast Feeding Difficulties



Ear Infections

Head Aches/ Migraines